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      Aqua Dragons - Sea Monkeys

      Simply put the amazing Aqua Dragons eggs in water, and watch them hatch into fascinating and entertaining pets. The basic kits come with everything you need to grow, feed, and entertain your Aqua Dragons. The Aqua Dragons set is the recommended container to hold your Aqua Dragons for the best viewing opportunity. Additional items in the Aqua Dragons product line offer additional means of playing and interacting with your Aqua Dragons. Some products are available from Mr Toys online, but others are only available at the various Mr Toys physical stores.

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      Sea Monkeys And Live Toys

      Get into Science with Aqua Dragons and Live Toys!

      Introduce your child to the mystical science of miniature crustaceans with Sea Monkeys or Aqua Dragons and live toys, found online at Mr Toys. Here you’ll find all the supplies you need to hatch, raise, and interact with your very own Sea Monkeys! Sea Monkeys and live toys come with eggs your child can hatch in water – then observe them, watch them grow, feed them, and learn a lot! Kits come with everything you need; all you add is water.

      For kids who want pets, but may not be quite ready to care for cats or dogs, Sea Monkeys and live toys make awesome first pets! Sea Monkeys are guaranteed to grow and are super easy to look after. Complete instructions are included with each set so you and your child will know exactly what to do to hatch and grow your very own Sea Monkeys. Refill packs are also available.

      Sea Monkeys and live toys make great gifts for kids ages six and up with an interest in science, biology, or just seeing and experiencing new things! Raising these tiny animals can also be a springboard for discussion and learning about other animals as well. Help your child develop a love for our animal friends and an interest in science with these fun kits.



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