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The Schleich Company has been providing high quality collectible figures since 1935 and Mr Toys carries more than 120 of them online plus more in store. Schleich's product line currently focuses on collectible animal figurines. Our selection includes domestic animals like the Schleich Trained Horse, Camargue Foal and more. We also have jungle animals such as the Schleich Chimpanzee Male And The Schleich Meerkat. You don't have to be a collector to like these lifelike figurines. Shop our online store and order your first Schleich Figurine or add to your growing collection. We can deliver your order to your home address, or you can visit one of our locations, and browse the collection in stock.

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Buy Schleich Toys Online and Let Your Kids Create Their Own Zoo

When it comes to realistic looking animal toys, no company makes them quite like Schleich. For more than half a century, this whimsical company has been designing, creating, and selling beautiful animal toys. Founded in the 1930s, the company began producing its current iconic line of Schleich toys in the 50s, and it hasn't looked back since. Though initially producing licensed merchandise such as Smurfs or Peanuts toys, today Schleich is best known for their unparalleled animal toys. Not only are they well designed and fun to look at, but kids love the unique way their hard rubber exterior feels. Different animals feature many different painting patterns and even different textures. This makes them look excellent in addition to providing fun with pick up and play.

As a parent, one thing you always want to do is inspire your child's imagination. When you buy Schleich toys, that's what you're doing! Imagine the scenarios they might come up with as they play with a herd of elephants, or the drama that will unfold as they re-enact a chase scene with a cheetah or a lion and a gazelle. There's no better way to teach them about all the different kinds of animals, either — when they can look at the animal as a toy and play with it, you can teach them to remember all sorts of fun facts.

Schleich toys encourage learning and stimulate the imagination

Imagine the possibilities that open up to you as you explore our selection of Schleich toys online. If your child is already showing a passion for animals, you can buy and use these toys to teach them a whole wealth of information. Not only can you teach them the names of everything from anteaters to zebras, but each new toy represents a chance to teach your child about the animal. Tell them about an anteater's super long tongue, or tell them stories about just how fast a cheetah can run. Teaching them these things isn't just educational; it will kickstart their imaginations into overdrive, too.

Another advantage to giving your child Schleich toys from our online shop is their durability. Because Schleich makes its toys to last, you won't need to worry about them sustaining damage. Many people have held onto their Schleich items for years and years. Now, assembling a collection for your kids online is as easy as filling your shopping basket.

Assemble your menagerie online today

No matter what kind of animals you want to gift to your child when you buy Schleich toys online from Mr Toys, it's easy to find what you want. With hundreds of different options from which to choose, you can satisfy every child. From children who love horses to those obsessed with dinosaurs, there's something here to satisfy everyone. Plus it's easy to assemble your order by picking out exactly which Schleich toys you want. Browsing is easy, but if you have any questions, we always welcome your enquiries! Simply navigate to our contact page for more information on how to speak to our customer service team.



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