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      Pokémon Cards and Pokémon Trading Card Game

      Back in the 1990s, Pokémon became an overnight hit when the manga and anime series were introduced first in Japan and then to a worldwide audience. Since then, Pokémon has transformed from a mere name of cute yet magical creatures to a blockbuster franchise spanning the globe. It has expanded to include video games, animated and live-action movies, and toys and other merchandise – not to mention trading card games. Kids love Pokémon trading cards, as they serve both as a collectors’ hobby and a competitive sport. Pokémon cards feature creatures, characters, and themes from the show and video games. There are a myriad of different cards to collect and play with. Pokémon trading cards can be played solitarily, by two’s, or with multiple teams. The goal is to knock your opponent out by besting them with strategy and superior cards. Get all your Pokémon trading cards here at Mr Toys!

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      Pokemon Cards

      What Is the Pokémon Trading Card Game?

      PTCG or Pokémon TCG otherwise known as the Pokémon Trading Card Game (Pokemon Kado Gemu in Japanese) is a game using collectable cards, based on the Pokémon franchise created by Nintendo.

      What Are the Types of Pokémon Cards?

      There are basically 3 types of Pokémon cards, namely:

      Character cards – these cards detail the Pokémon creatures, their traits and inherent powers. The creatures are classified into categories: fire, water, metal, psychic, and dragon. The cards also indicate whether the Pokémon is in its stage 1 or stage 2 form.

      Energy cards – these are the cards that power up the Pokémon. Special energy cards are also available for unique kinds of boosting power for certain Pokémon.

      Trainer cards – these are the support cards that you can use during battles. Some of these cards have special rules, which are seen at the bottom.

      Aside from those 3, there are also special types of Pokémon trading cards, the EX and GX cards. They have stronger illustrations that can either be luminous or holographic. Booster cards and expansion packs are also released every now and then. And you know what’s great with all of these Pokémon trading cards? They’re all available here at Mr Toys! Shop now and start playing and collecting today.

      What are Pokémon Expansion and Booster Packs?

      Pokémon expansion packs are sets of cards that are released specific to a generation or series of cards. Each new pack has 100 to 200 cards, and are usually sold by batch of 10, which are often called the booster cards.

      Booster packs are sets of 10 cards that add up to your PTC collection forming the group of expansion cards with a specific theme. Boosters allow the owner to acquire the cards from other players during a game, create new decks, strengthen their current decks, or customise them.

      Got to Collect Them All – Pokémon Trading Cards

      You can buy your children Pokémon trading cards as soon as they learn how to read. They will enjoy seeing detailed illustrations and descriptions of their favourite Pokémon with their magical powers and inherent traits. As kids get older, they will be more interested in playing with the cards and trading them with their friends. They will begin to collect more cards as it becomes a wholesome hobby that allows them to belong to a community. The game itself teaches them to think tactically and strategically.

      Another good thing about collecting and playing with Pokémon trading cards is that you get to enjoy Pokémon outside of the animated TV show. You don’t just watch it anymore – you get to have fun and be more engaged with the characters, the different Pokémon creatures, and their abilities.

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