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Microscopes and telescopes will surely help your kids to get up close and personal with their surroundings. Edu Science, Educational Insights, Smithsonian, and other notable brands manufacture products for kids that give them captivating and educational hands-on experience in the sciences. Browse a vast inventory to discover the kids' microscope that is age-appropriate. We offer ones with simple magnification ideal for young, budding scientists who are trying to get a feel for how to use a microscope, to sophisticated digital models with an LCD screen. Once night time comes, let your astronomer reach for the stars--literally--with their own kids' telescope. With magnifications as high as 225x, he or she will want to gaze up into the sky for hours. Microscopes and telescopes for kids will help to cultivate your child’s life-long love of science.

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Discovering the Hidden World using Microscopes

If you want your kids to discover, the invisible world let them own a microscope. A microscope is a great device to view and explore the microscopic world. Microscopes differ when it comes to magnification power, features, quality, and cost. Parents it is fun and educational to have a microscope in the home to peek at the microscopic world, but it needs other tools too. Once a microscope is bought, specimens placed on slides to magnify and viewed. Homemade slides are the most exciting type for children, though. Surely it will give them heaps of fun collecting objects and see what they look like when magnified. Children are primarily interested in living specimens, such as creatures in a drop of pond water. Before purchasing one, make sure that the microscope you will buy is durable and easy to use. Magnification power is essential because it allows for viewing smaller objects. Here at Mr Toys, we have microscopes set like storage cases and slides. Most importantly, any microscope chosen for a child should boost scientific exploration in a fun and educational way.



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