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Over the past 13 years and more, The Littlest Pet Shop collection has become one of the most popular collectible toys on the market. With a collection that now includes well over 3,000 pets and countless accessories to go with them, every little girl can create hours of fun adventures. Your child can choose from a seemingly endless number of different animals that are far easier to care for than a real pet. Not only do we carry a huge selection of Littlest Pet Shop toys and accessories for your child, but now they can use the information on the packaging to continue their play online.

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Littlest Pet Shop Toys Give Kids Animal Pals

The Littlest Pet Shop toy franchise has been going strong for over two decades. Since Hasbro first introduced the toys in 1990, over 3,000 different pets were created and sold to countless children from shops like Mr Toys. This classic toy is really more like a play set, and usually features a small plastic animal plus several accessories including a bed, cage, or other home, as well as pet toys like bones, balls, food dishes, etc. In other words, everything you would need to care for a real pet is included in the sets. This makes for hours of engaging play that just might help silence those constant demands for a real live pet.

Over the years, almost every type of pet you can think of has been offered, from the traditional dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, gerbils, and hamsters, to more exotic pets like tigers, chimps, polar bears, and penguins. Many of the pets had moving parts and interactive features. For example, some of the dogs would raise a paw for a shake when you pressed their tail. Magnets were used in many of the Littlest Pet Shop play sets, so that kids could make the gerbils run through their tunnels or the kittens chase a toy mouse on a string. More recently the Littlest Pet Shop toy franchise got a reboot, with the pets taking on more of a cutesy look via oversized heads. Plush pet dolls and online pets were added to the product line, giving kids even more ways to play.

The Largest Collection of Littlest Pets: Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop is a Hasbro owned toy franchise.

The franchise premiered their first toys in 1992 (as part of Kenner Products) and two years later embarked on an animated television series. In 2005 Hasbro, Inc. purchased the line and began a corporate revision of the product. Currently there are over 3,000 revised Littlest Pet Shop toys and a new television series of the same name. The toy merchandising company has expanded into the gaming world as well, with games available for the Nintendo DS, Wii, and PlayStation3. Toys of this brand come in a range of categories and collections. You can purchase action figures and collectibles, dolls and plush toys, electronics and games, and more.

The pet shop characters are sweet, often being thematically associated with “white chocolate,” “s’mores,” and “strawberry ice cream,” etc. The franchise has recently created a “Sweet Delights Treat Truck” as a feature station for your pet shop animals and accessories. Additionally, there are Gourmet Goodies sets, Treats and Tea Shops sets, and Sugar Shoppe sets. Electronic toys from this company include walkable pets and “magic motion” play sets.

These toys and collection sets are not approved for children less than 3 years of age. These sets contain very small parts and are a choking hazard for young children. Hasbro Pet Shop toys are made for children ages 4 through 14. All pet shop electronic toys come with batteries included. Littlest Pet Shop toys are available for purchase on the Mr Toys website and in their stores.



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