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      Buy LEGO Batman Toys Today

      Dastardly villains plague the city of Gotham. Fortunately, there is the Caped Crusader who prowls on bad guys and saves Gotham from their villainous machinations. Help Batman defeat the forces of evil by becoming a LEGO Master Builder! Use your dexterity and connect the bricks to construct the Batmobile and other Batdevices that Batman needs to fight crime and protect the innocent civilians of Gotham City. Buy these awesome LEGO Batman sets now and join the Dark Knight on his quest to build a safe and orderly Gotham City.

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      LEGO Batman

      Enjoy a Large Range of LEGO Batman Sets at Mr Toys

      Gotham City is lucky to have Batman! Each night, Billionaire Bruce Wayne dons his cape and cowl to fight crime using his wits, fighting skills, and gadgets. He is the perfect hero for Gotham; he is the city’s perfect symbol of truth and justice; and the LEGO Batman set is perfect as a gift for children and many Batman fans.

      When you own a LEGO Batman set, you can construct the many machines and devices that our Caped Crusader uses to fight the criminals who wreak havoc in the city. You can build the familiar places and buildings we see in Gotham, and pretend-play the famous scenes in the LEGO Batman Movie. Batman is a superhero who relies on his many gadgets and gizmos – and they are all available here at Mr Toys.

      Batman’s Gizmos and Gadgets

      The Batmobile is the Dark Knight’s most iconic gizmo. At Mr Toys, you can buy a large model-size version of this famous vehicle complete with several LEGO Batman minifigures.

      Another exciting item is the Batcave, where Batman holds his base with his Batcomputer and other devices. When inside the Batcave, Batman applies his detective and investigative skills while being on alert for any criminal activity. We have the LEGO set of Batman’s 2-levelled base where he stores his secret weapons and vehicles, safe inside the Batcave’s walls.

      The Dark Knight’s Villains

      If there is the Batman, there are also his villains. We have a mix of Batman’s villains plus accessories such as the Joker with his Notorious Lowrider, the monstrous Clayface, the sly and cunning Catwoman with her trusty bike, the cool but cruel Mr Freeze, and many others. You can choose from a number of LEGO Batman villains in our stores or here on our website.

      Shop for LEGO Batman Toys

      You can find the most sought-after LEGO Batman toys here at Mr Toys Toyworld. You can shop online or buy from our land-based stores in Queensland. If you choose to purchase online, we will deliver your order directly to you anywhere across Australia.



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