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Shop our online selection of Dora Toys and Dolls for your child's adventures with Dora and her friend Boots. They can pretend they are joining Dora as she goes around the world helping others. You can choose from a variety of Dora Toys and other themed Dora Toys and Dolls from her travels.  Visit our online toy store today and give your child hours of fun and learning with Dora.

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Dora The Explorer

The Wide World of Dora the Explorer Toys

Dora the Explorer is a household name these days among families who have ever raised preschool-aged children. First hitting the airwaves in 2000, the animated show follows the adventures of a young Latina girl and her pals- including her talking backpack and pet monkey named Boots. In each episode, the group goes on exploration trips and must overcome various riddles and puzzles. One reason for the show’s popularity is the audience interaction. When the characters come across a challenge, they ask the viewer how to proceed. The viewer is encouraged to shout out the answer, and then the characters proceed. The challenges are usually related to math, the Spanish language, or other similar academic subjects. The show has been praised for its ability to draw kids in with its mix of education and adventure themes.

As with any popular children’s TV show, there are a wide variety of toys available for purchase, including figurines and stuffed animals that resemble the characters and recurring items from the show. For instance, your daughter will love the fact that she can wear the talking purple backpack from the show to school every day. Just like the show, many of the toys are educational, though a lot of them are just for fun. Dora toys are perfect for any child who loves the TV show. The action figures allow your little one to play with their favourite characters and create their own adventures, and a stuffed version of Boots makes a great bedtime companion.



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