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      Buy Toys from the Disney Movie Cars

      Searching for Lightning McQueen ? Buy your child a toy from the Disney-Pixar Movie “Cars.” Choose from our roster of selections online. Watch Mater and McQueen roll out in a friendly race or see Doc Hudson outmatch Chick Hicks in a high speed chase.

      We have a large selection of assorted “Cars” themed diecast vehicles. We also have accessories and action sets to help you bring the movie to life.

      Give your child a “Cars” themed launcher and other awesome toys from the Disney Movie “Cars.” Order your selections today and have them delivered directly to your house. You can save time and money with Mr Toys Toyworld online shop.

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      Disney's Cars

      Race with Disney Movie Cars Toys

      Ready, get set, and buy these great toys from the movie Cars. The lovable characters of Disney’s Cars have inspired many children of our generation. The first Cars movie was released in 2006 by Disney-Pixar Studios. Since then, the humanised characters of Cars have become beloved household figures for children and parents alike. Nowadays, you won’t be surprised if you see “Cars” themed children parties in your neighborhood.

      Mr Toys carries a wide range of “Cars” themed toys. The most popular ones are the character replica cars. These toys feature the main characters of the movie in mininturised, remote controlled, and Hot Wheels style vehicles. You can buy them in sets or individually in a variety of die-cast model scales.

      The 1:55 scale die-cast models are the most valuable among other models because of their limited edition. These models are sought after by collectors and can be placed inside transporter-roller cases.

      ”Cars” Themed Plush toys, Lego Sets, Wood Collections, Keychain and Accessory Pieces, and Custom Painted Model Cars

      The monster truck deluxe figure set is one of the most popular items among the “Cars” themed products. Even the 6-volt mini quad cars, design-and-create speedway tracks, and stunt racers are also in demand. The Cars Stunt Racers are in an exclusively limited edition series.

      “Cars” themed toys are normally manufactured in pull-and-release style figures. Cars Action Agents are larger scale vehicles that are frequently advertised for sale on television. You can buy all the popular toys from the Cars movie here at Mr Toys Toyworld.




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