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Bring out the artist in your child with Beados. Beados art kits are perfectly safe and mess-free. You don't need heat or glue, simply spray your creation and let it dry. Beados encourage children's fine motor skills, help with colour recognition and expand the imagination. Our online selection of Beados sets includes Beados Gems and Crystals. We also have Beados Refill packs for adding more beads to playsets. Shop online today and watch your child's imagination come to life in their Beados creations.

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Beados are great bead toys that let children begin experimenting with beads and making bead figures. With just a few sprays of water, the beads of Beados toys will bond together to form figures. Children can exercise their creativity with Beados and their variety of kits, available at Mr Toys in the Brisbane area. At Mr Toys, children can get the Beados Starter Kit, which offers 400 beads, or the Family Pack Activity Mansion. Beados toys are fun for kids with active imaginations, and now Australian children will be able to form little dogs, cats or other figures to their heart’s delight.

If you have seen Beados toys on television, then you know how special they are. Beados encourage children to put beads together to make their own toys, which assists the growth of their developing minds. Children will have fun for hours with Beados, both putting them together and then playing with the final result. Mr Toys offers several different Beados packs for the beginners up to the more advanced packs. For children tired of waiting for their Beados figures to try, Mr Toys offers a Quick Dry Design Station that comes with 500 beads.

Beados toys are just the beginning for your children’s crafting experience. Starting off with these beads might get your child interested in making their own jewellery or other products in the future. If not, Beados are still fun toys that your children can shape into creations of their own. They will never get bored with Beados at Mr Toys!



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