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      Shop for Baby Playsets and Preschool Toys

      Shake, rattle, and roll! Your baby and pre-schooler are in for an amazing treat with our great line-up of toys and playsets made and designed specifically to suit their age level. Discover how our baby toys and preschool playsets will have them giggling in delight in no time. Babies and pre-schoolers need toys to stimulate their senses, which aid in the development of their mental and fine motor skills. Mr Toys carries an assortment of baby rollers, blocks, prams, bath accessories, activity sets, and more! We have toys that produce realistic sounds and music that will make your little one wiggle and swivel. Anything that relates to letting your adorable child experience fun and pleasure is here with us in our stores and on our website. See your baby laugh and play with amazing toys and playsets – shop at Mr Toys now!

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      Toys – Your Baby’s First View of the World

      For most adults, memories of the toys we played with during our earliest years are hazy, if we retain any at all. Does this mean baby toys aren’t as impactful or important as the objects we enjoyed using when we were a little older? Not at all! In fact, toys are an integral part of early childhood development. Of course, it is just as helpful to give your child toys that can keep them busy or calm them down when they are upset.

      That’s why we at Mr Toys provide you with a vast and diverse range of baby toys – from colourful and mesmerising hanging mobiles to electronic interactive toys. These toys offer something only young minds can understand and enjoy. And when we see babies smiling and laughing, we in turn take joy in the experience.

      Take time out to hunt for baby toys here on our website or in a Mr Toys retail store near you! While affordability is a consideration when shopping for baby toys, it’s also important to know the benefits of providing a diverse set of toys for your child.

      Benefits of a Diverse Set of Baby Toys

      Play in early childhood is an essential aspect in the development of good motor skills. Babies need to learn everything – and that includes how to use their hands the best. Over time and as they interact with their toys more, they will develop control over their environment and gain more abilities to manipulate objects. When you buy baby toys, you’re not just providing a means for entertainment, but you help them with their physical development too.

      Secondly, toys provide a significant outlet for a child’s emotional development. As children grow, they will need to learn to express emotions appropriately. Baby toys set the stage for emotional expression, whether happiness or coping with frustration.

      Lastly but not the least, baby toys allow both parent and child to experience the joy of having fun. You certainly cannot deny the delight you feel when you hear the sound of your baby’s laughter.

      Find Something Delightful for Your Little One Today

      Our mission is to enable parents to provide their children with a happy and positive environment. At Mr Toys, you will find an extensive selection of baby toys – from the classic to the contemporary – all affordable and made by the most reputable toy manufacturers. We open the doors for new exciting things that you and your child can enjoy.



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